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Hi everyone,

Just to bring you up to date with how Zac is getting on.

Zac was able to be home for Christmas & New Year and was able to get to the Saints match on NYD :).

He finished 8 weeks of chemotherapy for his chest tumour 10 days ago.

A week ago Zac had to spend 2 days in NGH as he had a nose bleed that would not stop but after a platelet transfusion and 3 bags of blood he was able to come home.
Yesterday was back to Nottingham for a CT scan and a Bone marrow test and also 2 more bags of blood. The CT scan was to determine how big an operation he needs on his chest, which will hopefully take place in the first couple of weeks in February.

After his recovery from the operation (which could be 12 weeks) it will be back to the Leukaemia, but we will cross that bridge nearer the time!

The support that you have given Zac and our family has been and continues to be amazing! Thank you so much.



Update 17-12-2015



Back to Nottingham

“Zac is back in hospital this weekend for the 2nd block of Chemotherapy for the chest tumour.

He is still his smiley self and want to say a big thank you to everyone for all their kindness and support.” – Helen Forskitt


zac update 11.11.15

Written by Helen (Zac’s Mum) 24th October 2015Zac in hospital

Zac and his family would like to say a Big thank you for all your kind wishes and support. He is due to start the second lot of chemotherapy for the leukaemia sometime next week when the doctors can get his high temperature down, blood pressure up and get to grips with an unknown infection that he appears to have. He is still our happy chirpy boy despite having days when he is feeling really rough ..