BacZac His Legacy

BacZac His Legacy is a charity that has been created by the family and friends of Zac Forskitt.

Zac at the age of 20 was diagnosed with 2 rare forms of cancer, both friends in Northampton and Nottingham where Zac was at University studying, with the aid of patrons of Old Northamptonians pulled together to create #BacZac. The selling of #BacZac beanies along with many fundraising efforts, people looked to raise money to support not only Zac but his family with the many obstacles along the way.

In a testament to Zac and the impressions he had made, more money was raised then was ever imaginable. But unfortunate in March 2016 Zac lost his brave and courageous battle, it was soon decided from the experiences Zac’s family had experienced that a legacy would be created in Zac’s honour, helping other young adults going through similar trials and tribulations.

In November 2017 BacZac his Legacy was awarded Charity Status, a very poignant moment for all those involved.

BacZac his Legacy looks to support young adults in the following ways:

  • BacZac His Legacy give “High Street” vouchers to 3 cancer units, these are then distributed to patients as a pick me up. Also at Nottingham we provide meal vouchers for young adults who are classified as in and out during Chemotherapy, which means they can be in receiving treatment for hours, but are not entitled to a free meal.
  • BacZac His Legacy give small grants to families with a young adult suffering with cancer, this can be used for a family day out when possible, or to help with the financial burden the families are having to deal with.
  • Lastly BacZac His Legacy’s long term aim is to provide a respite holiday accommodation for families with a young adult suffering from cancer, possibly one last trip away as a family or to aid a bereaved family.

BacZac His Legacy have an amazing following of supports raising money all the time, without them it would not be possible to give Zac the legacy he deserves.

As always thank you for your support.

BacZac His Legacy.

Next Event: Ladies Night Friday 19th October.



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